Ariel is Judging You

Evil asshats, let me go!

At 2:26a Ian tweeted: Happy Birthday @ninadobrev !!! The world loves you!We all do;) Enjoy the moment, enjoy the day,enjoy the year!

Oh and also this happened:

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Julianne, Ian and Nina at Kevin's house with Julie Plec!  I feel like I've been waiting forever for a pic of Nian with a Hough so fandom can stop hating Nina for being friends with her.  So glad Nian celebrated together - she's celebrated with him four years now.  :)
Ariel is Judging You


Ugh, I'm SO UPSET that all my shows are going away for about a month!  This year more than any other.  Since Roy is now disabled and he's at home with me all the time, we've found all these shows to share and get into together (some more than others).  He takes a nap in the evenings and waits for me to come home from work at 11 so we can watch whatever recorded that evening.  My friend Mariah sent me the first two seasons of Farscape on DVD and we've gotten into that but current tv keeps bumping it to the end of the list, so I think we'll finish it.

My mother started watching TVD on Netflix because I asked for season four on DVD and she thought she might check it out because we're drawn to similar stuff.  She posted on Facebook about it and I was like oh yeah I really kind of like that show.  She called me at work after three or four episodes and she left me a voicemail:  "Does the girl find out that he's a vampire sooner or later?  Does everyone turn out to be a supernatural something-or-rather on this show, like on True Blood?  Because that really got old.  Witches, werethingies.  I'm about to watch another one.  The brother of the one guy?  God he's cute.  The one guy is cute, too, I don't know if that's the one you like or not, but the other one  . . . wow.  Momma loves you."

Soooo tired of Tumblr today, and I can already tell fandom's gonna be a hot mess after tonight's ep.  Damn stans, I swear to God.
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TVD Dead Man on Campus


I am loving this season.  Just loving it so far!  And it looks like it's about to get even more interesting with Damon's lab-rat backstory!  I'm so here for that.

I have complaints, of course I do, like Caroline harping on Damon to Elena constantly and being incredibly hypocritical and condescending about who he is and how she feels about who Elena has become.  Also, I understand Caroline hasn't had a whole lot of exposure to how Damon and Elena have both changed, and I understand their history and what Damon did to Caroline, but because the show fails to address it directly and likely never will Caroline just seems like an awful friend to Elena.

My other complaint is also super shallow - I normally love Elena's wardrobe, but I'm getting tired of the long top+short shorts/mini dresses and boots combo in every episode.  
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So, my last post was July 2.  That's been a long damn time!  This is what my life's been like the past four months, and why I haven't spent much time on LiveJournal.  I've been pretty active on Tumblr and twitter, but for the most part, I haven't felt like sitting down and blogging about my issues or anything like that.

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Ariel is Judging You

Fic Rec: Forever Is A Long Time (Care To Spend It By My Side?) by sarcastic_fina

This fic is GORGEOUS. It’s a future!fic featuring Stefan/Caroline with background Damon/Elena. Everyone picks a team and separates - Elena and Damon, Bonnie and Jeremy, and Caroline and Stefan, and then the pairs leave Mystic Falls. This fic spans the next thirty years or so of Caroline’s life with Stefan.

This fic makes me want to go back and rewatch S2 Stefan/Caroline. ALL THE FEELS.

(an excerpt from the middle)

They move to a small town and she can’t help but like it. She joins all the committees and digs her hands into every event they have. It’s not long before she’s running the show and she’s quite proud of that. Stefan opens his own family clinic and Caroline can’t help but think it’s sweet how they can’t walk down the street without one child or another recognizing him… and subsequently asking if he has any suckers or stickers on him. What’s even sweeter is that he always does.

The town thinks they’re married and neither of them has ever corrected them. Maybe it’s the lapis lazuli rings that seem to match or the fact that she always holds his hand when they’re out together. It’s a habit now and one she doesn’t feel like breaking. She doesn’t think he does either because half the time, he reaches for her hand first.

He buys a new motorcycle and her favorite nights are the ones where she just sits on the back, her arms wrapped around his waist, her head on his shoulder, watching the world blur as they drive and drive and drive. She tells him she doesn’t need a helmet because hat hair, but he gets her a pink one and she smiles every time he plunks it on her head and does the strap for her.

They have a nice house; a two story with more bedrooms than they need, one of which, predictably, becomes his library. She often finds him writing in his journal at the desk he set up. Sometimes her inner snoop begs her to find it and read it, to drink in every word and pick them apart. She wants to know if he writes about her. If he still misses Elena. If he remembers the kiss.

But she doesn’t. She doesn’t look for it even though whenever she walks past the room her hands twitch. Even though she knows he’ll be at work for hours and there’s no way he’d catch her.

He trusts her and she doesn’t want to break that trust, not for anything, especially not her ego. So she lets him keep his secrets and his journals and she tells herself she’s happy with what they have; that it’s enough.

Go read!